The Ultimate Fic Rec: FINISHED FICS Pt. 1

Yey! I have finally made a fic rec post. Here you will find fics ranging from fluff to smut to MPREGS to PWPs to shameless pr0n to the epic. These fics are some of the stories that I read and enjoyed with infinite amount of feels. (This could be considered as my early Christmas gift to the fandom since: 1. I’d rather read fics than write them & 2. I draw but sad to say I don’t have a scanner I’m poor as fuck… so, yeah). 

Here it goes:

In Sickness & In Health - AU, totally schmoop, Charles is sick, Erik takes care of him.

I’ve Got The Whole Damn World in the Palm of my Hands "Charles refuses to call it a ‘booty call,’ even though that’s precisely what it is." Set during the original animated series. Rated PG-13. Ohmygoodness this was funny as hell! 

The Mismeasure of a Man - 10 moments their lives fell together and came apart. This is really a nice fic even though it was a bit heartbreaking in the end.

How Near, How Far - Moira knows how much Erik and Charles like each other, but for some dumb reason that frustrates her, they’re not getting together. So she tries to force Erik’s hand by flirting outrageously with Charles. Then, when that fails to work, she gets the other mutants to do the same. Erik is NOT happy.

This Crazy Game Called Life - Raven declares game night in the mansion. Sean finds an elephant, Erik inherits one hundred unwanted cats, and Charles scars Hank for life with misdirected dirty thinking. Funny and lighthearted, this fic will have you laughing and grinning all night.

Shut Up Sean It’s A Surprise- domestic, fluff, schmoop. The kids have a surprise for Charles & Erik but Sean’s ways are threatening its ‘surprise’ credibility.

I ♥ NY (It’s My Friends I’m Not Sure Of) - Erik is a single, successful man who likes quick sex with no strings attached. Then, he meets college professor Charles and it’s love at first sight, at least for him. Charles, who heard of Erik’s notorious ways, wants nothing to do with him besides being friends. Cue Erik bending over backwards to steal Charles’ heart. This is one of the first ever fanfics I have ever read in this fandom and also one of the reasons I have been in love with Charles & Erik. This is a popular fic, if you haven’t read it then read it now!


Troia - Erik is a high-command soldier and after a battle he takes in Charles, a Prince as his prize and ‘spoil of war’. Charles resists at first, but he finds Erik to be quite charming, and protects him from all other soldiers and is nothing like he first assumed. This fic is just quality! It was full of smut but really entertaining… Imagine the movie Troy but with our boys Charles & Erik.

Lean on Me- Charles and Erik split up, dividing their six kids between them. None of them expect them to meet at summer camp. And no one could have predicted the results. If you liked the Disney movie “Parent Trap” then you will absolutely have ogle eyes over this delightful fluffy fic, a must-read for every Cherik fangirl.

Try, Try Again - Except that this has happened before, he thinks with a start, and something in his throat closes up as he revolves on the spot, already knowing what he’s going to see. Charles’ back is arching as he falls, his eyes wide, and the crumpled bullet falls to the sand beside him like a calling card. This fic is just sheer genius, reminds me a lot of Jake Gyllenhaal’s movie, “Source Code” minus the military agenda.

Some Assembly Required - Alex and Hank were two teenagers who frequently fight in school. One fight got so bad that the principal called in their fathers (as both came from single-parent families)/ guardians for a conference. This was how Charles and Erik meet.

Wages - Erik is engaged to Raven due to an arrangement made by their parents.Charles has no wish other than to see his sister happy. He has no problem with Erik. In fact, he enjoys playing chess with Erik every time he visits. Actually, he enjoys it more than he should.But Raven is in love with Azazel. And she wants to elope with him.Charles agrees to detain Erik on the night that Raven and Azazel plan to elope. Since Erik has such a high tolerance for alcohol, Charles has to resort to tying him up in bed. Unfortunately, since Charles is a lightweight, he falls asleep on Erik.The following night, while Charles is out gambling at his favorite club, Erik makes a wager that is too good to turn down. If Charles loses, however, he has to spend to night with Erik and do whatever Erik wants.Charles loses the bet. This is some hawt smut fic, if you are in the mood to fap, then fap to this. :P

In Plain Sight – this fic is AKA the fic where Erik & Charles trolls the hell out of the kids. This fic was fluffy and so much fun.

Linger - Erik had been warned, to be fair. The realtor was very explicit that the last seventeen tenants had run from the premises screaming about the Exorcist or The Ring or some other terrible horror show. Or this is where Erik gets a new apartment and he thinks a soul named Charles is haunting him.

Humane Society – Charles is human, Erik is a mutant. One day, Erik upsets a mutant who has the ability of turning people into cats? (or other sorts of animals?) and Erik turns into a cat. He, then, stumbles upon Charles who takes care of him. THIS IS QUALITY FLUFF YOU MUST READ IT!!!

It’s All Coming Back to Me - When Erik hears that Charles died on the beach where he left him, there’s only one thing left for him to do: take the world down with him as he crashes and burns in his grief. But maybe the world will get its reprieve before he goes too far.

The Word That Breaks The Pause - A summons to the mansion, or an order, Erik could have—would have—ignored. But something in the last six terrible months has taught Charles how to say “please.”

The (Not) Hot Twin – Wesley & Charles are twins, Wesley is the jock and Charles is the nerd. Enter Erik who is an all-around guy, popular and handsome but much to Charles’ surprise, Erik has eyes for the shy misunderstood nerd twin. This fic is my teenage dream, I so desperately want this to happen in my life!

Wir Schützen Was Wir Lieben – Everyone gets protective of Erik after an unfortunate incident and Erik realizes something so important about how they all feel about him, especially his bestfriend. This fic, although relatively short, has been one of the most memorable fics I have ever read in this fandom.

Finally Moving – This fic is a modern take inspired by the movie Atonement—Erik is the son of servants and Charles is the son of the master of the house.  This fic, especially the part where Erik writes a naughty/dirty letter to Charles, is HAWT GURRL.

Time to Grow - In which you’ll find chess dates which aren’t dates (or maybe Charles is wrong about that). — Based on First Class, this turns (slightly) AU during the beach scene.

So Worth It – Alex & Erik are prisoners. One day, Erik wants Alex to do him a favour and Alex wonders why Erik wants him to punch him in the face. This fic… gawd, too short! But really funny and wonderful.

Enemy of the Enemy- The Brotherhood finds out that Charles has been kidnapped by the government… but not for long. There is some BAMF rescue by Erik.

It isn’t You, It’s Me - One of them is literally, legitimately bad in bed. He has been laboring under the assumption that he was some sort of sex god, but he’s not. The other skillfully instructs him on how to be a better lover. This is some funny fluffy fic!

Protege - Charles is in the wheelchair, he isn’t happy, and he *needs* someone. Not sexually, not romantically, but pretty much just as a friend. Erik’s gone, Raven’s gone, he made Moira leave, and he’s basically left with his three boys. Alex steps up to fill the role, almost by accident, really, and it’s just heart-breaking when Alex realizes that he’s fallen in love with Charles, and that it’s never going to happen because Charles is still so very much in love with Erik. This is some heartbreaking shit, not very good for the faint-hearted.

Not So Much the Teacup – Erik is an architect, Charles is a wedding planner. Then Sebastian Shaw, Erik’s boss, decides to marry Emma Frost and hires Charles to plan the biggest wedding of the century. This fic’s pretty famous, I think there’s no need for me to urge fangirls into reading this, the prompt itself is amazing.

The Fisher King’s Son – Erik is canon!Erik still chasing after Shaw and Charles is a merman who saves Erik from drowning. Warning: This fic has broken a lot of fangirls’ hearts ever since this fic has been published. The ending is really heartbreaking, it’s better to prepare yourself with tissue, a box of chocolates and a pillow to cuddle.

Muttersprache – The title is German for a Mother’s Tongue. MPREG: Charles is pregnant with Erik’s child. This is the cutest thing ever!

********* MORE TO COME *************

( as soon as my hands start cooperating again, in a couple of minutes tops)

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