The Ultimate Fic Rec: FINISHED FICS Pt. 3

Part 1 HERE.

Part 2 HERE. 

Yey! I have finally made a fic rec post. Here you will find fics ranging from fluff to smut to MPREGS to PWPs to shameless pr0n to the epic. These fics are some of the stories that I read and enjoyed with infinite amount of feels. (This could be considered as my early Christmas gift to the fandom since: 1. I’d rather read fics than write them & 2. I draw but sad to say I don’t have a scanner I’m poor as fuck… so, yeah). 

So, I guess I was not able to post last night because of reasons (I fell asleep, I’m sorry if I have failed the fandom).

So, here it goes:

And We Will Put The Lonesome on the Shelf - This is a story of boy meets boy. Erik Lehnsherr meets Charles Xavier on a Tuesday. He knows almost immediately that Charles is who he’s been waiting for. Seriously, read this, it has a bit of angst but the ending… the ending is so good!

Tessellation – This fic, yes, THIS IS THE FIC. This is one of the most unforgettable ones in the fandom and also, I believe, one of the popular ones. A little warning though, if you still haven’t read this: this fic is of epic proportion so you better ready yourself. Basically, Erik is now the leader of the Brotherhood or the president of Genova and he is a big fan, as in a BIG FAN of Charles Xavier who lives in Noo Yawk (because he’s famous for being… you know, Charles Xavier: genetics professor, enigma, charismatic, handsome, sex-on-wheels). One day, Erik’s dream finally comes true-he gets to meet his crush! Hah! I made it sound like a high school musical, but NO—this fic is an adventure! Warnings for NC-17 scenes, BAMF rescue, thrilling plot and this is just amazing!

The Last Spartan – Warning: A wild Stelios appears! This fic is so funny, I can’t even—! One day, Charles finds himself face-to-face with an angry and terribly lost Spartan by the name of Stelios while using the new cerebro. Hilarity, love triangle, shameless smut shall ENSUE!

Age Difference AU – This AU verse at first only consisted with one chapter and IT. WAS. AMAZING. I remember when this came out it was only intended to be a one-shot called Fatal Distraction but since it was so good (not to mention it had so much UST, GAWD!) the author mercifully completed the AU and voila! So, basically, Raven and Charles are still siblings but Charles is six years younger than Raven. Here comes Erik, Raven’s best friend, who happens to catch little Charles’ eyes. Uber UST and underage ogle eyes GO!

Unsuitable Men and Other Cosmic Hazards – I haven’t seen Doctor Who (because I live in an island in the far Pacific) but I have a general idea of it and this fic does not necessarily require so much Doctor Who knowledge so don’t worry if you’re like me. This fic was so much fun! Charles was raised by the 11th doctor and Erik is a notorious Nazi hunter. Ugh, just read it already!

Mutants Do It Better - Erik believes that mutants are better in bed. Charles disagrees. Only one way to prove this hypothesis. Inspired by “I think that Charles is just horny, and just trying to get laid. Throughout the film. He’s like ‘human beings are cool, give them a chance’ because he just wants to have human being sex. He doesn’t want to have mutant sex. Whereas Eric really gets off on mutant sex.

The Fill with Cages - Erik is Shaw’s favourite sub as he has spent years training Erik to suppress his own desires while tolerating pain and humiliation. Shaw keeps Erik caged and on display during his exclusive parties to show Erik off and have Erik conveniently positioned to service him and his guests. Charles is invited to one of Shaw’s parties, in recognition of Charles’s status as the world’s foremost expert on genetics, and instantly takes more than a shine to Shaw’s pet. Shaw doesn’t throw these parties for nothing, he wants access to Charles’s research.A deal is struck: If Charles can break Erik, and make him come, without Erik leaving his cage - Charles can keep him. If Erik doesn’t break - Charles signs all of his past and future work over to Shaw. Warning: You can fap to this fic but really, the ending is really nice, as in REALLY NICE, I promise you. At first I thought this was just another shameless smut/pr0n, but it was better than that.

How Deep the Bullet Lies – The fic follows the basic plot of The Count of Monte Cristo but the setting is modern. Just imagine, Charles & Erik used to be lovers but got separated due to Shaw and when Erik comes back, he thinks that Charles betrayed him because he went off with Shaw and got **barf** married. Warning: Erik is a huge asshole in this fic, there’s a lot of angst and as far as I can remember there is some serious NC-17 stuff at the beginning of his fic.

Enigma – I can’t conjure a proper summary to this fic so I’ll just post the prompt: Erik dies, or finds a reversey-time mutant, or a magical time travelling device, and wakes up in the past. This time, though, it’s before he ever met Charles - in fact, it’s before his mother died. He can save his mother that one time (thanks to his mastery over powers carrying back), but what does Erik do after that? Does he stick around, or escape and run to find Charles again (and hope everything doesn’t go wrong)? All I want you to know, dear reader, is that this fic is one of my ever favourites where Erik becomes the hero and saves his family and falls in love with Charles all over again. Seriously, read this.

A Bit of Fun - Charles is Erik’s forever - the man he wants to spend the rest of his life with and can’t imagine his future without. So why is he saying that Charles is nothing more that his temporary bit of fun? (Hint: Modern!AU with Mutant!Erik and Human!Charles.) Ohgawd, did I mention that this fic is like a really good chick flick?

Assassination (It’s Not For Everyone) – this fic is AKA the Assassin fic where Erik and Charles are both assassins, they bump into each other a couple of times and eventually falls in love (or whatever these boys do).

Your Eggo is Preggo – After the Cuban Mutant Divorce Tragedy, Charles finds that he is gaining weight and his belly is beginning to grow rounder and rounder. I dunno, reader, I just call this fic Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Pregnancy because it is what it is!

I Give It All Into Your Hands – I bookmarked this in my lappy as the Leather Bracelet fic and I immediately remembered the summary for this fic. So, everybody knows that Erik has this leather bracelet he would not take off since it is his first ever purchase after he was able to escape the camps. One day, the children find the bracelet in another person’s wrist. This fic: PURE CUTENESS.

I Love You – This fic is actually untitled but I’ll just assume that it is I Love You. Prompt goes like this: Charles says “I love you” like it’s nothing, but Erik can’t seem to say it at all and it’s slowly driving him mad.

The Couch Fic – again, this fic has no title so I’ll just put it as it is: Couch Love. Charles is a professor and one day finds himself utterly in love with his couch who he names Erik. This is totally Crack, and I am crazy like that.

Sickeningly Sweet Pet Names – Do I have to explain what this fic is about? Really? How dense of you. This fic: UTTER CUTENESS.

Homosexuality: You’re Doing It Wrong - Warning: OMG I’M SO SORRY, this is an abandoned fill! Charles and Erik weren’t gay before, but feel attracted to each other. Now the problem is that they don’t have any idea how it’s done between two men. Cue Erik being totally embarassed when buying gay underground porn magazines. Cue Charles trying to find scientific books dealing with the subject and totally freaking out about what he finds in there.

Drive My Soul – This is some shameless domestic fluff where Erik calls Charles some endearments and everything is just butterflies, unicorns and rainbows.

The Geometry of Chance - Charles is an incubus who feeds off sexual energy. However, such feeding can lead to the death of his bed partner, so Charles is always careful not to go too far and picks people he is only moderately attracted to. Then comes Erik who drives Charles absolutely wild. Charles is afraid of losing control and starts starving himself of energy which leads to him being sweaty and squirmy with constantly blown pupils, red-bitten lips, wandering eyes and lingering hands. Erik in turn goes crazy and eventually catches Charles in an alley with some random guy.

Two Card Monte – Are you ready to get mindfucked? So when Erik met Charles, he was quickly introduced to Wesley Gibson, his *dead* twin brother’s soul. Then, cue all the mindfuckery in the world.

Latent Telekinetic Mutation – again, this fic was untitled so I have taken the liberty to change the title for fic rec purposes. This fic basically follows the prompt where Charles is discovered to have some latent telekinetic mutation during the XMFC time and with this Erik decides to teach him the point between rage and serenity.

Take a Sad Song and Make it Better – Do you want to feel nostalgic and possibly cry? Well, this is the fic for you. It’s the 60’s and The Beatles are getting popular. Charles listens to the radio and here comes a Beatles song which just sparks so many memories for him. Cue sadness.

Five Times Charles Sees Others’ Desires (And One Time He Sees His) – This fic is also known as the fic where Charles becomes the mirror of Erised. Figure it out, fangirl.

The Gunpowder Files – The author of this fic, Tawabids, is one of my favourites because, well, his/her fics are amazing! This fic is one of them: an epic adventure and I do not even know where to start with the summary. This is set in London (I dunno what specific decade though, I suck at timelines but I am pretty sure it’s set in the time of Sherlock Holmes). Charles is paralyzed and his parents want to end his agony by hiring Erik, an exterminator (not the Arnold kind!). But instead of killing Charles, Erik spares him and an epic adventure begins! Wee! Warning for serious UST, opium use and bloody murders.

Namaste – Erik is a serious businessman with no play or social life. Emma, Erik’s best friend and colleague decides to take matters in her own hands and forces Erik to take a Yoga class. Little did he know that he instructor was brown haired, blue eyed sex-on-a-stick. Pure fluff, people!

Best Friends – Again! This fic was untitled, so, you know. Charles and Erik are best friends and one day they both realize that they are actually, incandescently, madly in love with each other. **Cue applause**

The Mean Reds on Blue Days - All his life he wondered and struggled to accept the idea, that even if his parents love each other deeply, they could never stay together. The fic takes the point of view of one Scott Summers.

Exhibitionist/Voyeur/Protective Erik fic – NO TITLE AGAIN, dang it! You want a fic to fap to? I’ll give this to you! So Erik and Charles are quite kinky and finds out there is an exclusive club that caters to their D/S kink. Erik then shows Charles off to the club as his submissive and he ends up uber protective of him. Warning for some BAMF rescue in the end, with very explicit content.

We’re All Naked Under Our Clothes – I will let the prompt do the talking: When they are alone, Erik runs around naked ALL the time. He is naked when he’s cooking dinner, he is naked while he’s watching TV, he’s naked… FILL IN OTHER SITUATIONS. Charles doesn’t want to be a prude, but it’s freaking him out.

Checkmate Ends the Game - A certain Cajun visits the mansion. Erik is not impressed. I just love, love, LOVE Erik being all mine with Charles.

Lilacs Out of Dead Land – Imagine the Cuban Mutant Divorce Tragedy: instead of a perfect vacation weather happening, rain is pouring down like cats and dogs in this eventful day. Warning for a kiss in the rain.

Erik Has a Cold – So, yes, Erik has a cold, his powers get haywire and Charles appears to the rescue! Fluffy as hell.

Be It Fahrenheit or Centigrade - There are very few things for which Erik is grateful. His life, his powers, the will and ability to see Shaw dead. A night in the sea with a voice in his head, and blue eyes at the surface of the water, and the words You are not alone. Primarily, however, he is deeply and profoundly grateful for not going through his first heat until he was out of the camps. Protective Charles is protective, enough said.

Not Exactly Fatherhood Material – Do you want some MPREG? I’ll give you some MPREG with waffles on the side! Erik is a career driven guy, Charles just seems like a slag. One night of sexytimes and voila! Erik gets knocked up! However, Erik is reluctant to contact Charles because he seems like a really laid-back guy and his facade just screams BAD NEWS.

Kocham Cie - A fic about the 5 times when Erik called Charles by a German pet name (which Charles has no idea what it means, but loves it anyway), and 1 time when Charles DID look up what all those words meant and uses one on Erik himself. Need I say more? Fluffy like clouds.

A Subtle Art – Charles shows Erik how telepathy can be a silent, subtle art but can become the most powerful tool when it comes to… say… sexytimes. Slightly NC-17.

Say Yes and I Believe Him – let the prompt do the talking: It’s the 60s. I want stoned Erik and Charles talking philosophy, shotgunning, and having stoned sex.

Charles!Genderbend – You guessed it, no title again. One of the mutants they come across has the power to change other people’s gender temporarily. Charles allows the mutant to do it to him, and it drives Erik absolutely mad.

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