The Ultimate Fic Rec: WIPs Pt. 2

This is it, the last part of the WIPs. I’ll rec more soon if I read more too.

WARNING: Some of these fics have not been updated for a long time, I dunno if they are abandoned or RL just took over the author’s internet life but for your convenience, I’ll just put a [*] on the link. Also, just like my other recs, these fics’ categories are varied from smut, PWP, NC-17, pr0n to epic, heartbreaking and well, all the emotions. I follow all these fics, if you have WIPs that are not here PLEASE REC THEM TO ME?! I need all the Cherik this Christmas. Hehe.

Again, if you did not catch that, [*] means either that the update schedule is quite ambiguous or abandoned or author is on hiatus.

On with the fics!

Roman AU [*] – this is not the actual title of the fic because it is actually untitled. I know I will go to hell just by reccing this. Warning: there is serious debauchery involved in this fic, also quite a bit of religious indecency and I think this is abandoned but I want to share my pain with you. Prompt: Erik is a Roman General who just bought himself a young Christian slave Charles. Fascinated by him he uses Charles’ sister Raven as a bargain chip - as long as Charles won’t resist Erik’s advances the girl will live. Cue Erik using chaste innocent Charles for all his sexual fantasies. Mature, NC-17 and all the dirty litte secret kinks in the world.

Burning Bridges – This is another Harry Potter crossover fic where it focuses more on the plotline of the fourth book, The Goblet of Fire specifically during the Triwizard Tournament. Here, Charles, from Ravenclaw gets chosen as the champion of Hogwarts, Erik as the champion of Durmstrang and Emma Frost as champion of Beauxbatons. Things happen, blah blah blah, and suddenly Erik feels something for the champion of Pigfarts Hogwarts.

You’re Strange and You’re Beautiful – Prompt: Charles and Erik grow up together either as mutants or humans. Either way, Charles is the fat, pasty kid that no one wants to hang out with while Erik is the epitome of cool and awesome. They are unexpectedly good friends and Erik is ubber protective of Charles and stops all the bullies while Charles is the one that really sees Erik for Erik. They both go separate ways after high school—Charles to Oxford, Erik doing something for Shaw. And after a couple of years, Charles receives a call from Erik… who is in prison. Warning for massive amounts of UST.

Mr. Xavier’s Neighbourhood – This ‘verse right here is pretty popular, you should read it! Erik is a single dad who have twins—Pietro and Wanda. His twins are massive fans of the telly show, Mr. Xavier’s Neighbourhood and Erik has no clue what’s so fascinating about it until he watches one episode and completely fell head over heels with Mr. Xavier. Cue Erik buying merchandise after merchandise of Mr. X’s Neighbourhood and him being teased by his officemates. No warnings needed, just pure fluff and happiness.

Do Not Run in the Hallways AND Case Study – ((the link has two fics in it and they share the same prompt)).  The first fic: DNRitH is set in high school while the second one: Case Study is set in college. Basically both fics start off with Charles as generally underage, 14 to be exact and one seemingly ordinary day, Charles stumbles upon his true alpha who happens to be Erik Lehnsherr, teacher, 30ish and scary looking. Warning for massive amounts of UST that will leave you sexually frustrated. **evil laugh**

Personal Pandora [*] – seriously, this fic needs to be updated fast because the author left it in a crucial cliff hanger that I CAN’T EVEN~ So basically, Erik is an art student, Charles is in science and they share an apartment together. Erik always wonders how they became best friends since he is rather aloof while Charles is an all-around nice guy who flirts with everyone and everyone knows him. What Charles does not know is that Erik has always had feelings for him. Warning for buckets of UST.

Your Mate’s Dad [*] – author just reassured readers that this fic is not abandoned, so, on with the prompt. Charles and Alex are both in high school and sometimes they go to Alex’s home to study or some shit. Then Charles meets Alex’s dad, Erik and they both hit it off like rabbits. Warning: Charles is underage, Erik has a wife, lots of sexytimes and NC-17 scenes. This is just fap material.

Sometimes It Lasts in Love (But Sometimes It Hurts Instead) [*] – let me just share my pain with you because I really do believe this fic is abandoned. ALL MY CREYS. Prompt: Raven and Azazel are getting married. She invites her brother whom she hasn’t seen in years, Charles, to attend and he goes. There he sees Erik, Azazel’s friend (who Raven mentioned, but Charles thought she was talking about some “Eric”). Charles and Erik have a history. They almost got married once but due to circumstances/differences, it never happened and the break up was bad on all sides.They try to act civil to each other (but still with lots of snark and bitter remarks, etc) while watching Raven and Azazel tie the knot (and each secretly imagining/wondering what their wedding would’ve been like).

Practice Makes Perfect [*] – abandoned, now cry with me. This is a PWP, with a simple prompt: Erik has a MASSIVE hoohaa, so him and Charles practice every night so Charles can adjust to his massive hoohaa. HOOHAA.  Yes, I am typing from the fires of hell.

Better Outrun My Gun – this is a western, so expect some guns, standoffs and a lot of death threats. Also, did I mention some hawt sexytimes? Erik has a vendetta against Shaw and he is looking for him for a long time, town after town and city after city. Then he finally finds him—threatening Moira who happens to be the owner of the inn he is staying at. Charles and Raven are Moira’s siblings and the three of them run the inn/brothel that Erik is staying at. Then Erik saves the day (well, not quite). Basta, read this and you’ll see some totally BAMF Erik, Charles, Raven and Moira.

Tabula Rasa [*] – I am really not sure if this is actually abandoned but I am praying that this gets updated soon (hello, author, yes I am talking to you hehe). This follows the plot of the Bourne series, specifically the Bourne Identity where most of the characters are mutants. Charles is a telepath but he is trying his best to block himself from everyone else. He is in a train (somewhere in Europe, I forgot) and he happens upon Erik who is being chased. He helps him escape and they both become fugitives. This is so action packed and I really hope this gets updated! CREYS.

Forgotten Remembrance – This is an AU, set in Weschester while they are all still training. Erik decides to leave Charles after Charles confesses his feelings for him and they had a night of sexytimes. Charles is hurt and he pines for Erik for days until an instance where Charles does something so seriously drastic that the kids are forced to call Erik and ask him to come back to fix it. Seriously, needs to be updated.

Erik Lehnsherr’s Guide to Parenting – hahahahahaha, this fic is hilarious as hell! Alex is Erik’s and Emma’s son and they are already divorced. Alex stays with Erik and Erik—the best father ever—torments Alex all the time. Until one day during a car wash that Alex hates to attend, Erik decides to drop him off and notices Charles Xavier—handsome, brown haired, blue eyed, pheromone enducing, sexual-frustration-on-legs… and Alex’s teacher. Erik is now determined to woo Charles, much to Alex’s dismay. OHGAWD, read this and you will never regret it! Warning for funny use of homophobia, teenage confusion and hormones and… sexytimes of course.

Mutatione Temporum -  During the recruitment period in the movie, Erik and Charles meets a mutant who turns out to be one of their daughters from the future. (Yes, time travel: it’s a thing) However, their daughter must not tell them who she is because she has a mission: the Cuban Mutant Divorce Tragedy MUST NOT transpire. Ever.

We Never Are What We Intend or Invent  [*] – Prompt: Someone from Erik’s past (not Shaw) wants information from him, but knows that he can easily withstand torture. So Erik is confident and mocking when they tie him down to begin interrogating him. Then they drag in a bound and bleeding Charles and smugly tell him that if he doesn’t talk, they’ll work Charles over in front of him. This fic focuses on the H/C factor of their relationship.

Shame Crossover – This thread has a lot of titles, so I just condensed it to being a Shame crossover. Reccing this has earned me 10 more years in the fires of hell, thank you. Charles is a student who happens to be in the same train as Erik… well, Erik is a massive pervert, so you know what happens. Lots of NC-17 scenes coming your way!

I’ll Be Your Window and You’ll Rise – this is another Harry Potter crossover fic (isn’t it obvious? I am a Harry Potter fan, yes I am.) where Erik and Charles are the reincarnations of Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor respectively. During the scene in the beach after Charles was shot, he wakes up still in the beach but as a different person and he calls Erik “Salazar”. The mystery is then uncovered.

Stars Align – this fic has an AU feel to it, it’s like a crossover between Star Wars and Star Trek. Erik is a general who has a massive space ship (I know, right?) who is seeking Shaw who is a criminal. Erik then seeks Charles (human) who offers services related to finding people using the cerebro.

Take My Hand, Take My Whole Life Too [*] – fluffy, cute and reminds me of a chick flick. Erik is a ruthless boss and he needs an assistant who is competent enough to follow and keep up with his busy schedule. One day where the whole universe is just at odds with him, Erik stumbles upon Charles Xavier who was able to help him schedule things and work stuff while Erik busies himself with caffeine and crazy clients. Erik then offers the assistant job to Charles. Cue all the UST!!!! This needs to updated author!

Alpha/Omega In Heat – this fic has no title so I took the liberty to name it as it is. Let the fires of hell consume me totally! Charles is an omega but he has the ability to get pregnant. Erik is an alpha. Unfortunately, Charles goes in heat while they are still in the CIA facility. Erik is there to the rescue. This is the fic to fap to. Fap, fap, fap. Warning for fapping and amazing sexytimes.

Vergissmeinnicht [*] - Author’s summary: Boarding school AU, The world is a very different place; mutants have long been accepted into society largely in thanks to a man named Sebastian Shaw. His institution, for young and brilliant mutants known simply as ‘The Brotherhood’, is a pathway to the Hellfire club that has been helping to shape the world for over 100 years. But like many an organization before it The Brotherhood is corrupt, and has its share of dark secrets. Warning for Charles being underage (but seriously, no sexytimes happened). Gawd, THIS NEEDS TO BE UPDATED. 

Vow of Silence – Another potential fap material for you. Author’s summary: AU. All mutants were enslaved during a Holocaust. (no Jewish Holocaust) Shaw killed Erik’s parents but let Erik go, believing him human when he showed no outward signs of mutation. Erik sets out on a quest of revenge. One night, he meets a compelling mutant with big blue eyes, enslaved in a brothel, launching him on a journey of love and discovery he never expected.

Judging A Book By The Wrong Cover [*] – Easy A crossover where everyone is human. Prompt: Everybody at highschool thinks Charles is the biggest slut in town. The truth is, Charles is pretty innocent, he just wanted to help his best friend Hank to get rid of his reputation of being too shy/prude.Will highschool heartthrob Erik be able to see trhough the charade?

Beneath Me – So… hell is pretty hot, toasty, warm, scalding and I like it here. Charles is the son of the master of the Xavier household, Erik is the stable hand. FAP, FAP, FAP. Warning for dirty sexytimes.

You Open Always Petal By Petal Myself [*] – Erik used to be in an institution for mutants back in Germany and after what he did he gains a notorious reputation and it’s harder for him to land a job because of it. However, Charles accepts him and gives him the job for being his assistant. Charles tells him that he is a low level empathy and a famous genetics professor but what Erik doesn’t know is that Charles, too, has many secrets.

After Hours – Serial killer fic, so warnings for gruesome killing methods and such. Summary: Charles and Erik are serial killers in their city that have been corresponding for years but never met. I never knew that I needed this fic in my life, this is incredibly sexy.

Family Portrait - Charles and Erik are next door neighbors whose children insist they share the holidays together … despite their unwilling caretakers. Warning for cuteness, fluffiness, dirty scrabble game and eventually amazing sexytimes. 

I Wanna Take You To The Gaybar – Imagine Dragneto? He/She/It appears here. Raven drags Charles to a gay bar to see her favourite musician. Charles is convinced this is a bad idea until he meets Erika, who teaches him that there’s more to both of them than meets the eye. No powers, general warnings for sex and copious amounts of alcohol, swearing, and eventual angst.

Do You Love Me – Seriously, guise, do you want drama? Then this is the fic for you. I swear I cried so much because of this fic, I think I did cry every chapter. A litre of tears perhaps but the emotions… gawd, ALL THE EMOTIONS for this fic I willingly give. The fic takes place after the events of a nuclear war where humans and mutants are both scarce and with this the government is mandatorily pairing up mutants to increase the population. Charles has the secondary mutation of getting pregnant and he gets paired off with good-natured Erik. After 25 years of marriage and several children, they both realize what they truly mean to each other. OHGAWD, ALL MY CREYS.

Lay Down Beside Me (So Still and So Soft)I just found out that this fic is already finished, just now. The author takes reins on the original XMFC plotline and made a story of her own. AKA, a different take on the events of the movie. Expect some sexytimes, massive amounts of angst and an unexpected ending.

Till Human Voices Wake Us and We Drown – this is an AU where Erik lives alone in the far part of an island just near the sea and one day he finds a selkie’s pelt and hides it. Charles, the selkie, knocks on his door and strikes up a bargain. Warning for sexytimes and of course Irish folklore.

For The Best - Charles has been institutionalized for the better part of his life, afraid of his own power. When Raven joins the Brotherhood, she implores Erik to set her brother free, but even without constant surveillance by humans, Charles fears his own mind. With war almost inevitable, it seems nearly impossible to pull Charles out of his shell while keeping control of the growing number of mutants in the Brotherhood. But Erik has to try. Warning for sexytimes and Charles being a little vulnerable than usual.

The Awakening – Prompt: Vaguely inspired by all of the breeding/preserving the genes stuff in the Dune series. Post-rift, Charles and Erik are forced together due to some threat endangering mutantkind and find out that the only way to save everyone is to have a child together (bottom!Charles) as the two of them have the combination of genes to create the “perfect” mutant savior.Erik basically jumps at the chance to be with Charles again and save mutantkind. Charles is desperate to save the mutants but can’t feel right about the situation even though he loves Erik but no one is giving him a choice. To save mutant kind Charles Xavier, traitor to the Empire, must have the child of the most powerful mutant:Erik Lehnsherr. It’s not as much as a hardship as Charles’ wishes it to be. Warning for angst, sexytimes and domestic problems.

Haven’t Met You YetCharles Xavier is what you would call your typical average man. He had brown hair, blazing blue eyes, and a normal sized frame. He owned a small hole in the wall bookstore called Xavier’s. It brought in the average amount of customers that a small bookstore would bring in. Overall, Charles led a pretty normal life. That is until he met Erik Lensherr.

Matter - Charles Xavier dies in Erik’s arms on a small, inconsequential island that’s wiped from the map not long after. Three months later, he turns up on Erik’s sofa.

Domestics – finally! Some fluff amongst the smutness of the majority of the fics. This is just a WIP fic describing the day-to-day happenings at Weschester, Noo Yawk with our favourite mutants.

Everyone Has a Price – Hah, just when I recced a fluff, I go back to hell again. Basically plot goes like this: Charles is from a rich family but he cannot gain access to his inheritance because of Kurt. He needs money so badly. One night while he is innocently (really?) drinking his own scotch at a bar, Erik Lehnsherr sits beside him. The sad thing is, Erik thought Charles was a prostitute, so he offers him money for sex. Warning for lots and lots of sexytimes. Fap to this, if you must.

Little Birds – Such a cracky fic and I never thought I’d ever vouch for bird sexytimes in my life. What are you doing to me Cherik fandom? So yeah, Shaw is this huge, mean eagle who keeps on terrorizing Charles the dove and Erik the falcon is then there to help him. Yes, that’s about it. But this fic’s so cute asdfghjkl!

Guilty by Association - While investigating the homicide of a John Doe who he suspects might’ve been murdered while working the streets as a prostitute, Detective Erik Lehnsherr finds an unexpected ally in a hooker named Charles who seems as determined as he to solve the case. As they become more deeply involved both with the case and each other, there’s just one thing that Charles neglects to mention — that he’s really an investigative journalist, one quickly convinced that what they’re dealing with is more than simple murder.

It’s Empty Inside – After rescuing Charles, Erik realizes that Charles does not remember a thing about himself or even his mutant friends. Cue some H/C factor.

Omega - Wherein the world decides to deal with mutants with utter segregation. All mutants are placed on Genosha, and all children are tested at birth for the mutant gene, and sent to Genosha if they have it, to be adopted by other mutants. Years later, Charles Xavier’s parents bribe officials to keep their child, and he grows up utterly alone in a human world. But all that changes. 

I love you Cherik fandom ***Fassy kiss***

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