The Ultimate Fic Rec: Eve of the Dragon Year Pt. 2

((Chinese New Year’s tomorrow! I can actually hear fireworks going off here. I think I’m just going to be here at home stuffing myself with siomai, hakkao, tikoy, hopia… practically pigging out in New Year’s day.))

CLICK HERE for pt. 1 and other parts of the Ultimate Fic Rec series. 


The Real Meeting – After the Cuban Mutant Divorce Tragedy, Charles still longs for Erik’s company even though the idea disgusts him. Until one day a post card from Erik which prompts him to meet Erik somewhere arrives and rests in Charles’ hands. Warnings for moderate sexytimes and just HURT, PAIN, SADNESS, TEARS.

Tu M’a Fait Tourner La Tête – this fic is set during their stay in the CIA facility which circles around Charles’ and Eriks’ first time. Of course, sex happens.

Miscommunication and Character Assassinationanother first time fic set during their road trip across the U.S. where they have an argument, they bicker, they mislead each other and until then… they finally reach a mutual impasse. Warning for sexytimes.

As They Kept Falling The Way Leaves Do – this is sort of based on the book The Last Unicorn. Erik, being the last unicorn, transform into a human being and Charles, a witch, is his keeper. Unicorns are pure and should be preserved. Erik is wanted by Shaw to prolong a war (I’m not sure :P) and Charles’  mission is to keep Erik from harm’s way. Warning for moderate sexytimes, Erik being a stubborn unicorn and Charles having sexual relations with *eeww* women. (haha)

Charles and Raven’s Drunk Kitchen – If you follow Harto or watch The Drunk Kitchen on Youtube, you would then absolutely love this hilarious fic. This is set during their stay at the CIA compound where lovesick and desperate siblings Charles and Raven decide to bake cookies while being drunk. Why are they drunk? Because they flirting with handsome men without much success. This fic is just hilarious.

One Thing or Another – HAHAHAHA. I cannot stop laughing when I remembered this fic. So, Erik and Charles get transported to 2012 via the Tardis and their mission, as said by The Doctor, is to make sure present!Charles&Erik a.k.a. Prof X and Magneto will not become enemies. However, the present tends to fascinate these two, especially the thing called internet… especially the thing called kink!meme.

A Matter of Education – Erik and Charles run the school, well there’s not much to say about this fic except that the two of them have a minor disagreement about their students that ends up famously.

I Ain’t Scared of Lightning – set when Charles and Erik met. This is where Charles helps Erik in hunting down Shaw because Shaw has Raven.

I Ache for the Feeling – This is sort of the comparison of Erik’s love for his parents and his love for Charles and he tries to see if there is any difference.

Tandem – well, when it comes to sexytimes, Charles seem to want pain and Erik finds that really strange.

Give Me Your Stars To Hold – Erik and Charles are brothers. After coming home from Oxford for summer in Weschester, Charles finds that Erik is acting rather strange around him. Warning for incest (if you don’t wanna, don’t read it.)

Secrets – Charles learns that Erik is keeping a secret from him and he interrogates him about this over a game of chess.

Love and Some Verses – this fic is also known as three times the kids sabotaged Charles’ and Erik’s plans and one time they left the two alone.

Winter in July – Ororo Munroe, Xavier Institute’s new addition, likes Erik very much to the level where if Erik decides to go back to the brotherhood, Ororo decides it’s a great day for a blizzard in the middle of summer. So fluffy, I can’t even~

Main in Motion and All I Need is a Pair of Wings – this is technically not Cherik but really IDGAFF. This is a Brandon (Shame) / Wesley (Wanted) fic where Brandon is Wesley’s protégé and they are also lovers *ahem*. In Man in Motion, they meet Brandon’s look-alike Erik Lehnsherr, Mossad agent. In All I Need is a Pair of Wings, they meet Erik’s contact Charles Xavier who is Wesley’s look-alike. Warnings for guns, violence, sexytimes and threesomes. ALL THE DIRTY, DIRTY KINKS.

Alcohol Problem – Erik and Charles goes to a bar, have a couple of drinks until everything goes haywire—Erik discovers that Charles is actually projecting his good mood without him realizing because the bartender is able to change the alcohol’s chemicals and make it more potent. Warning for D/S themes, sexytimes, mild BDSM factor.

The Gift of Perspective – While a new young mutant demonstrates her powers to Charles, everything goes wrong and leaves Charles months younger without recollections of what happened in Cuba. Gawd, he still even thinks that he and Erik are still friends. So after Hank tells Charles everything that he missed, Charles still insists on inviting the Brotherhood over for Christmas. Erik and Raven, worried after Charles’ sanity, checks him up.

Suck My Stick – the title kind of explains it all, yeah? Author’s summary: Teenaged Charles gets picked up for shoplifting and Officer Lehnsherr has to teach him a lesson. Or how Charles and Erik have a healthy elationship in which they role play. A lot. Warning for… well… sexytimes obviously.

Hell Hath No Limits – this is a XMFC/Good Omens crossover fic where Charles is the angel Aziraphale, Erik is the devil Crowley, Jean is the Antichrist and Raven is Charles’ devil sister. Raven gets his brother, he gets him a lot and she’s just trying to point out to the both of them, who seem to be the most oblivious fucks in the world, that they have been flirting with each other for the past 600 years and it has got to stop.

Boden’s Mate – this, I daresay, is one of the best fics in the fandom aside from being a XMFC/Inception crossover fic, the story is really amazing. It might really help if you have watched Inception to follow to this fic’s plot. Erik is the extractor, Alex his point man, Sean his architect, Raven his forger and Hank his chemist. Together, they are hired by the CIA to invade Shaw’s dream and find out what illegal proceedings he is currently working on. BUT… something or someone unexpected joins the team in this inception.

Compromise – Just a little bit of fluff for your sanity. Five years after the events that transpired in Cuba, Charles thinks they have done a pretty good job in creating a world for themselves in the Weschester mansion.

Sitz! – I dunno, I just find this fic really hilarious. After a disagreement among his members in the Brotherhood, Erik is unwillingly turned into a dog, specifically into a Doberman thank god. Thankfully, he gets picked up by Charles (who is in a wheelchair) and he tries his very best, as a dog, to become Charles’ loyal feral companion.

Never in Anger – This is a D/S fic where Charles is quite reluctant in declaring that he is a sub and Erik wants him to be his. Cue the “courtship”. Warnings for D/S elements, Charles punishing himself and some mild sexytimes.

Claustrophobic Prudence – after Cuba, Charles is not paralyzed and Erik comes home with them. However, there is some tension between the two of them—Charles, after telling Erik how he truly feels, feels like he is at loss because Erik never said the same thing to him that is why it never made sense to him what motivated Erik to come home with him.

Never Need to Make You – another D/S fic where Erik is the sub, Charles is the dom. Erik has never thought about finding a dom for himself but lo and behold, a dom who happens to be Charles claims him after he saves him from drowning in Miami.

A Blade for You and a Bullet for Me – another non-Cherik fic (breaking all the rules, YES!) which focuses on Wesley (Wanted) and Paul (Haywire). A lot of guns, a lot of people shooting other people, so much badassery and a hint on mild flirtation. DO WANT.

Her Only Mutations Were Her Blue Eyes and Her Auburn Hair – While they are in Russia, Erik discovers that her long lost daughter Anya is alive and she still recognizes him as his vati. With her re-arrival in Erik’s life, he has to re-evaluate his hate for humans because his daughter is one.

My Peace in Your Hands – After Cuba, Erik finds that he is slowly losing his control of his powers. His memories of rage and serenity seem to be insufficient and with this, he needs to pay his best friend a visit in order to pull himself back together.

More First Than Sun, More Last That Star – Author’s summary: Queen Raven sends her most trusted servant to the icy north to bring back her brother, whom the Snow Queen took so many years ago. Warnings for a little bit of non-con sexytimes, Charles having PTSD and depression and Emma being a huge beeyotch. I really like this fic, you go and read it! GO!

Wear Sunlight – uhm, Etirabys is getting so much love from me today! This is another D/S fic where Erik is the top!sub and Charles is the dom. Charles is a well-known mutant activist and Erik is a writer (mostly erotica, YAWZA!). Erik is Charles’ dirty little secret: he makes him live in his villa in the south of France, provides for him, has a lot of sexytimes with him… you know, typical couple stuff. Warnings for LOTS of pr0n.

The Cockblocking High School AU – Author’s summary: Charles and Erik are roommates, there is a massive amount of UST, Raven is Charles’ enabling, sex-positive sibling, they have conversations about manatees and everything is just unicorns and rainbows from here. Read this, you will definitely enjoy it.

Have It All – the cuteness continues in this fic where Charles gets terribly sick, Erik wants to take care of him but for some odd, unknown reason Charles doesn’t want him to.

Peregrine – Erik, aside from being able to manipulate metals, also has the physical mutation of having wings. Charles is fascinated by this but is more fascinated by Erik himself more than anything.

If You Have a Family, You’re Rich – Scott is Erik and Charles’ adopted son. Scott and Logan fall in love with each other. Erik is not amused.

Skeins – Just a little more fluff to greet the new year of the dragon: Erik discovers the art of knitting, enough said.

Dearheart – a bogeyman lives in the Weschester mansion and once it has nearly successfully taken Charles and Raven into its realm. Now years after, they all come back with a handful of mutants. Erik is curious about the door that Charles and Raven are quite shady about… until he actually defies them and opens it himself. After that, things get a little weird. This is, surprisingly, a really wonderful fic especially Erik’s role which just… oh, just broke my heart!! Read it, go ahead.

Riding Skills – author’s summary: Charles is a horse back riding instructor. Erik is his smoking hot farrier. After months of watching to two clear smitten but stubborn men dance around each other, Raven enlists the help of Erik’s twins to end the unbearable tension. Wow, this fic just made me puke bucket loads of rainbows!

Killer X – author’s summary (I’m lazy like that, I know): Charles is a serial killer of serial killers. Erik falls into his orbit and fully expects to get killed, but Charles spares his life. Erik inexplicably falls in love. Warnings for Charles and Erik crazy stalking each other it makes you want to pull every hair in your body, some kinky sexytimes and not-so-explicit murders.

Sacrament – Charles is a Catholic priest who joins with Erik, a Jewish holocaust survivor, to run a charity. But little by little, Charles finds that he feels more than friendship towards Erik. I dunno man, this fic actually made me quite sad L but it’s still really good though.

Walls Don’t Talk – Author’s summary: It’s the first night back at the Xavier mansion and Raven, worried that Charles won’t handle facing his past, asks Erik to keep an eye on him. It turns out that she was right.



Married Men versus the Wild – This fic, I swear, is so entertaining you will find yourself laughing your ass off after every update. Erik and Charles are married and are also the stars to their own wildlife survival show on Discovery Channel. This fic shows snippets in their adventures—the fluffy things, the survival skills, Erik versus the bear moments, Charles giving off additional knowledge, the kinky outdoor sexytimes and their encounters with Erik’s rival Logan.

In Which Charles Actually Has a Twin Brother, Who Now Wants to Kick Erik’s Ass – whew, that is a loooong title. Finally, FINALLY! Somebody actually made this fic! I have always wanted someone to fight for Charles and here comes Wesley barging in ready to defend his twin’s honor. YEY! This fic is set post-Cuba where Charles is recuperating in the hospital. Wesley receives a call from on Moira McTaggert and hurries to Miami to see Charles. When he learns how he ended up paralyzed, he hunts down Erik.

All The King’s Man – Charles is a merchant’s son. In order to secure his own future, he has to marry a man/woman of superior rank. While in the he is with Alex in the King’s courts, the king himself (Erik) notices him and takes a liking of him. Cue ALL the sexytimes. This fic is actually more than just courtesan!Charles, there is some serious political shit going on and Charles is out there to find out about this.

Jail Bait – Charles is the new psychologist at a high profile facility imprisoning rogue mutants and Erik is the notorious criminal who takes a liking to him. So far, it has only one chapter (but there’s already some hot sexytimes in the first chapter but warning: it’s not Erik/Charles) but it looks really promising and the prompt is really interesting. 

*** Year of the Black Water Dragon promises to be a transformational, life-changing year, OOOZZZ??***

KIUNG HEI HUAT TSAI Cherik fandom!

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