Have a fluffy and smutty V-day

Also known as: Four times czarnyma recced smutty fics and one time she recced a non-smutty one on Valentine’s day.

Hold Your Own, Stack Your Stones – This is a wonderful Mulan AU where Erik is a dom and Charles is a sub. A war is brewing and every dom in Genosha is required to join the army. Charles, reluctant to let his 16-year old dom sister join, takes her identity, hides his sub nature and joins the army. There he meets Commander Magneto, dom and son of the queen of Genosha. Cue all the wonderful, wonderful feelings. Warning for D/S factor and a little bit of bloody violence.

Oysters and Champagne – Erik is the head chef and Charles is the head waiter. Whenever they are in the same room they always end up causing world war three, restaurant style. What people do not know is that they are more than two bickering men. Warning for a little bit of light BDSM and nudity in the kitchen. (ehe).

Subject of Schoolgirl Fantasy – Charles is a genetics professor, Erik is his student who is also 5 years older than him. Charles is used to Erik being top of his class and his favourite but he is clearly not used to him suddenly flunking an exam. Warning for smutty!Erik (you know you want it, nya!).

Something Primal – Charles is an omega, he is currently in class and he feels his lower region growing damp- which in this alpha/omega verse mean only one thing: his alpha is near. Warnings for public sexytimes (we are all allowed to go to hell this Valentine’s day).

Club Avalon – It’s the 70’s in San Francisco. Erik works at a mutant-owned leather club and one night he finds himself attracted to one Charles Xavier. He wants Charles to be his boy, but Charles wants to be something more. Warning for BDSM, a huge age difference between the two of them and just lots of sexytimes. 

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