The Ultimate Fic Rec: Anniversary Edition pt. 1

See the Ultimate Fic Rec Masterpost for more Cherik goodness!

I cannot, CANNOT, believe that it has been a year since I started reccing Cherik fics. To celebrate this glorious (sarcasm, see that?) occasion, here’s another fic rec for you to get through the last days of 2012. DON’T forget to leave comments and kudos on the fics that you liked/loved. 

Without further ado, here goes nothing!

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Anonymous said: Oh God please give me Cherik porn!! Do you know a good dirty fanfiction!!!?

You want dirty? I’ll give you dirty! These are the latest I’ve read. They are kinky, so beware, read the warnings first.

Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice - NC-17. Incest. Underage. WIP.
My Hand is Under There (Holding Your Up) - A/O. Bondage.
Blood Money - Dark. NC-17. Dub Con. Adorable Charles. D/S. Series.
Scenes from a Marriage - A/O. Dub Con. WIP.
I Love U in Me - Incest. Threeway (YEY!). 

for more fics:   I know you want me, you know I want you  

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The Ultimate Fic Rec: Summer Edition Pt.1

See The Ultimate Fic Rec Masterpost for more fanfic goodness.

These are all completed fics. I actually feel kind of bad and guilty for reccing some WIPs during my first fic rec because some them ended up being abandoned. I know how frustrating it feels when you fall in love with a story and suddenly it just leaves you hanging, it makes you want to lash out and sob (*cough* Island, Island *cough*) until you feel numb. This will eventually result to pouring out your feelings here on Tumblr. But in case you want me to rec WIPs, please tell me? Pop a message in my ask, I’ll be happy to rec some of the WIPs that I have been stalking…
… and look at me I am blabbing, STOP ME!

So, on with the fics!

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For Easier Access to Reccing Goodness

So, I’ve noticed that there are still people ‘liking’ or ‘reblogging’ the recs I made way, way back 2011 and I thought ‘You poor, unfortunate souls… my old links are quite rubbish. So sad, but true.” So to ease the trouble, I’m just gonna put all the links here so you all will be reading Cherik goodness from dusk ‘till dawn. 

The Ultimate Fic Rec:

Finished Fics Parts 1  2  3
WIPs Parts 1  2
Christmas Rush
2011’s Last Hurrah
Eve of the Dragon Year Parts 1  2
Valentine’s Day Smutty/Fluffy Fics 
Summer Edition Parts 1  2  3 
Anniversary Edition Parts 1 

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